Sevendust, Coal Chamber, and Lacuna Coil – Minneapolis, MN – April 8, 2013

Written by Tracy Hansen.  Photography by Kyle Hansen.

AEG, Mill City Nights, and 93X present Sevendust, Coal Chamber, and Lacuna Coil.

Mill City Nights is packed with fans, awaiting the sight of Sevendust, Coal Chamber, and Lacuna Coil.  They differ in types, as much as the bands.  Coal Chamber seems to be the band with the highest amount of fans this night, as it has been years since they visited Minneapolis.  The others are not to be outdone however, coming in droves.

One of Milan’s greatest imports to the heavy metal genre, Lacuna Coil is led by Christina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro.  They start the show with songs from their latest album, “Dark Adrenaline”, as well as numerous others.  Such songs include, “Spellbound”, “Trip the Darkness”, and more.

Coal Chamber emerges to a thrilled multitude of fans, many who have never seen them and many who have waited years to see them again.  They delight the many onlookers with favorites such as “Big Truck”, “Not Living”, “Loco”, “Clock”, and many more.  Throughout the moshing and fans that are simply watching, one can feel the excitement of getting to see the band.

Finally, those who have waited to see Sevendust are treated to their stage presence, one quite elaborate in nature.   They open with “Decay”, a song that riles up a crowd that could by all means already be exhausted by their previous acts.  They are treated to many much loved songs from throughout the years.  They span the albums, including songs off their new album, “Black Out the Sun”.  Other songs include the ever popular, “Denial”, “Rumble Fish”, “Black”, “Praise”, and more.  Encores include “Splinter” and “Face to Face”.

Overall, the club is allotted the pleasure of a trio of sheer heavy metal excess.  The audience leaves exhausted, but pleased and eager for more.

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