Bullet For My Valentine – Halestorm – Young Guns The Myth Maplewood MN 5/15/2013

Written by Tracy Hansen. Photography by Kyle Hansen.

93x and The Myth present Bullet For My Valentine, Halestorm, and Young Guns.

The Myth is packed with fans of three different bands: Young Guns, Halestorm, and Bullet for My Valentine.  There are all sorts of fans in the club, as the three bands are of the similar genres, yet different in many respects.  There are as many women as there are men, filling The Myth to the point where people are nearly unable to move, something that makes the evening all the more exciting.

Young Guns is relatively new on the scene, having scored major on air points with their hit single, “Bones”. The band has incurred a massive following since the release of that song. They proceed to play a forty-five minute set to get the people in the club moving, getting them excited for the long evening of rock and roll. Their set includes songs such as, “D.O.A.”, “Weight of the World”, “Brother in Arms”, and the closure of the show with “Bones”. Their portion of the evening sets the night perfectly.

Set list: Towers (On My Way) – Dearly Departed – Weight of the World – Learn My Lesson – Brother In My Arms – D.O.A. – Bones

Halestorm follows up, hitting the stage with one of their newest singles, “Freak Like Me” after Arejay Hale walks across the stage pounding a snare. Lzzy emerges dressed in leather and white fishnets and the rest of the band sounds amazing. The amount of girls at the club to see Lzzy Hale is astounding. Not only are the men there to see her, as she’s beautiful and a fantastic performer, the girls see as a strong female figure and cheer her on profusely. They work their way through the large crowd of men, pushing up to the front of the stage to rock out with her. They play a mix of tunes from their albums including “I Get Off”, “I Miss the Misery”, “Rock Show”, and many others.

Set list: Freak Like Me – Love Bites (So Do I)- It’s Not You – Rock Show – Familiar Taste Of Poison – Mz. Hyde – I Get Off – Hears To Us – I Miss the Misery

Bullet for My Valentine decides to play Slayer’s “Reign in Blood” prior to their entrance as a tribute to the fallen Jeff Hanneman. The crowd begins to mosh and crowd surf during the playing of the song, before the band even gets on stage, which really makes for a great entrance. Although the band has been around for years, they are growing in popularity, which can easily be seen at this show. Fans are packed throughout the club from the floor to the rafters, crowd surfing the whole time. People sing along and cheer with every tune the band plays, including, “Waking the Demon”, “Riot”, “The Last Fight”, and numerous others. Lzzy Hale eventually comes back on stage to play a duet with Matthew Tuck during, “Dirty Little Secret”, riling up the crowd all the more.

Set list: Breaking Point – Your Betrayal – Waking the Demon – Riot – 4 Words (To Choke Upon) – Temper, Temper – The Last Fight – Take It Out on Me – Dirty Little Secret (with Lzzy Hale) – Guitar Solo – The Poison – Scream, Aim, Fire – Pleasure and Pain – Tears Don’t Fall









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