Bush – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN – May 22, 2013

Written by Tracy Hansen.  Photos by Kyle Hansen.

Bush has come to First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN on May 23, 2013, much to the joy of their devoted fans.  The club is filled near capacity with an audience of all ages, more women than men.  It’s no surprise to anyone that a large part of Bush’s popularity is due to Gavin Rossdale.  If he wasn’t as attractive as he is, there wouldn’t be nearly as many women in the club.  That being said, hundreds of women literally claw their way up to the stage.

For the remainder of the audience who are not at the show to simply stare at the band’s lead singer, they merge between the others to listen to the music they love and watch a great show.  They begin the show with a rousing rendition of “Machinehead”.  The sound and lighting is stellar, allowing for everyone to enjoy the concert.  They continue on with much loved songs such as “Testosterone”, “Greedy Fly”, “Everything Zen”, and more.  Songs from their latest album are also presented, including “Sound of Winter” and “Loneliness”.

The show is filled with numerous great moments of band interaction with the audience.  One of the more fun ones is when Gavin leans down and gives a guitar pick to a girl in the audience.  She must think he needs it because she tries to hand it back to him and he laughs, showing her that he has plenty on the microphone stand.  They take a few times to thank the audience for welcoming them back and stating how grateful they are to be at First Avenue.  Gavin then makes the errorneous statment, saying that twenty-five thousand people have made it into First Avenue, rather than the twenty-five hundred we are all sure he actually means.

The show ends on a fantastic note with three encores.  Bush covers The Beatles’, “Come Together” and Gavin proceeds to run up the stairs and through the upstairs bar of the club.  It is amazing that he is able to get back down to the stage at all with all the enthusiatic fans chasing him down and throwing themselves at him.  First Avenue secuirty has their hands full and does a fantastic job to ensure the safety of him and all the fans for that matter.

The final encores include “Glycerine” and “Come Down”.  People leave the show happy and chatting about it considerably outside of First Avenue, eager to see them again.  Bush guarantees they will be back to Minnesota.  We’ll be there.

Setlist: Machinehead – Testosterone – The Sound of Winter – Everything Zen – Loneliness is a Killer – Come Together (Beatles Cover) – Little Things – Glycerine – Come Down

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