Limp Bizkit – The Varsity Theater – Minneapolis, MN 5/15/2013


Written by Tracy Hansen. Photography by Kyle Hansen.
The Varsity Theater presents Limp Bizkit.

The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota is sold out. The lower level is filled straight to the doors. People have made their way to the upper level to reserved seats, as well as the comfortable large couches, to lounge comfortably while taking in the sounds of the band. Nearly everyone there is of the same age range, having not seen Limp Bizkit in Minneapolis since high school over a decade prior. They are excited to relive those days.

Limp Bizkit opens with “Why Try” and “Rollin’”, songs that cause the audience to push their way as close as possible to the stage. The Varsity Theater is a smaller venue, so it is strange to see Limp Bizkit in it, as they are famous for playing in venues that allow them to crowd surf and more. Somehow, this matters not to the audience, who do everything they can to ensure that they are at the center of the show.

The show continues on with songs from several other albums. Such tunes include “My Generation”, “I’m Broke”, “Bring It Back”, and much more. The band includes numerous cover songs, include Rage Against the Machine’s, “Killing in the Name Of”, which has everyone moshing throughout the club. They also cover “Behind Blue Eyes”, made famous by The Who.

The remainder of the concert includes songs such as “Hot Dog”, “Gold Cobra”, Eat You Alive”, “Pollution”, and more. “Take a Look Around” is also played, which begins with the “Mission Impossible” theme, as it was made popular by the “Mission Impossible 2” soundtrack as well as Limp Bizkit’s “Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water” album.

Strangely enough, the popular singles, “Nookie” and “Faith” were not a part of the setlist. Having been two of the band’s most well known singles, they were downright expected by the audience. However, they did use “Break Stuff” as their final number, which left the crowd in high, ecstatic spirits, eagerly awaiting the next show.

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