Bad Company and Joan Jett – July 5, 2013 – Hinckley, MN

The amphitheater at Grand Casino Hinckley is filled with people still on a high from the Fourth of July, pumped to see Joan Jett and Bad Company in the kindest of weather that Minnesota has bestowed on its citizens in months.  There are many who have come to see both acts, and others who have come to see one or the other.  People range heavily in age, from those of the classic rock era, to a little girl celebrating her sixth birthday with her first concert.

Joan Jett starts the show rocking and doesn’t stop throughout her set.  She plays a variety of songs, including hits like, “I Love Rock and Roll”, “Do You Wanna Touch Me?”, “Bad Reputation” and more.  In the middle of the set, she decides to show off some new songs, including, “Fragile”, “Love is Pain” and more.  Adhering to the fans of The Runaways, she plays “Cherrybomb” as well as the first song she wrote, “You Drive Me Wild”.  Her set ends with the Sly and the Family Stone cover of “Everyday People”.

Paul Rodgers and Bad Company are greeted by the screeching applause of fans as the sun sets.  They open the set with “Rock and Roll Fantasy” lighting the stage with smoke and more to accent the setting.  They proceed to play a listing of hits, much to the glee to their fans.  Included in their set are songs such as, “Burnin’ Sky”, “Running with the Pack”, “Feel Like Makin’ Love”, “Can’t Get Enough”, “Shooting Star”, and several more.  “Bad Company” is a certain highlight of the show, with Paul Rodgers at the piano amongst a cloud of smoke and blue lighting.

The show is concluded with an explosion of fireworks to celebrate the holiday weekend.  Numerous spectators surround the outside of the amphitheater to watch them along with those inside.  It is a beautiful way to end a fantastic show, leaving people with a full weekend to enjoy.

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