Ted Nugent / Styx / Reo Speedwagon – Minneapolis MN 4/19/2013

AEG and Target Center present The Midwest Rock-N Roll Express staring Reo Speedwagon, Styx and special guest Ted Nugent.

On Friday, April 19, 2013, the Target Center is packed with fans of all ages awaiting the music of Ted Nugent, Styx,
and REO Speedwagon. Due to the Friday showing, everyone is having fun, regardless of their ages and are able to
forget about the chill in the air outside.
Ted Nugent takes the stage at preciously seven o’clock, thrilling fans with numerous hits, including, “Stranglehold”,
“Great White Buffalo”, “Cat Scratch Fever”, and many others. Although his set lasts only forty-five minutes, he
takes over the show, provoking the audience members with chants of “USA! USA!” and more. Due to the recent
events in Boston, people are more than eager to join in with his chants and bravado.

Styx picks up right away with their set. Although the band is without DeYoung. Canadian pianist Lawrence Gowan
takes on DeYoung’s well known vocals effortlessly. The band includes several of their hits, such as “Too Much
Time on My Hands”, “Sailing Away”, and “The Grand Illusion”, only to close their set with a rousing version of
“Renegade”. Much to the disdain of several fans, “Mr. Roboto” is not an inclusion in their set.

Between the Styx and REO Speedwagon set, a signed Styx guitar is given away, one that people could purchase
raffle tickets to during the beginning of the show. All the profits went to the victims of the bombings in Boston,
giving an overall good feeling to the show and those who donated to the benefit.

REO Speedwagon emerges as the third piece to the puzzle, keeping the crowd on their feet. Their set ranges
throughout the years, with hits including “Don’t Let Him Go”, “Take It on the Run”, “Time for Me to Fly”, along
with numerous others. One of the odd pieces of the REO Speedwagon set is when “Take It on the Run” plays,
showing the band playing on the screens. This in itself is not a strange, but the footage on screen is from another
Overall, it is a great night for fans of classic rock. Older fans get the feeling that they are in high school again and
younger fans get to see the bands for perhaps the first time. By in large, the show is a fantastic way to begin a


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