Trivium – Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN – April 1, 2014

AEG and Mill City Nights presents Trivium.

Trivium is playing at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the first United States date of their Vengeance Falls tour.  The band expresses their happiness to be back home in the United States, having toured throughout the world.  They have been performing in areas of the world such as South Africa, Italy, Germany, Australia, and more.  The audience is as happy as them and are incredibly eager to see the show.

Mill City Nights is filled with fans highly anticipating the show.  Both before and during the show, the fans are heard to be chanting, “TRIVIUM, TRIVIUM!” at the top of their lungs, hoping to bring the band or keep them on stage.  Hearing the name of a band chanted in such a way has to be one of the biggest boosts to anyone’s ego and I imagine they are beyond thrilled to be involved with such an excited crowd.

The set begins with “Brave the Storm”, a track from the newest album, “Vengeance Falls”.  The tune is incredibly heavy and is an excellent way to begin the show.  It gets the crowd pumped up for more and gets the attention of anyone who may be at the show not knowing what to expect.  They do not falter as the set continues, following up with “Like Light to the Flies”, “Black”, “Strife,” and more.

The set list is filled with songs from throughout the band’s career, something that makes both the new and old fans happy.  It makes for a a great mix, as there is nothing worse than hearing an audience complain that a band plays nothing but new music.  They seem to play for everyone and interact very well with the fans.

Trivium will continue their Vengeance Falls tour throughout the United States, moving onto Milwaukee after Minneapolis.