Asking Alexandria – Skyway Theater – Minneapolis, MN – April 2, 2014

Asking Alexandra is playing the Skyway Theater in Minneapolis, MN amongst a midst of several other bands, headlining the show.  Accompanying them are August Burns Red, We Came As Romans, Crown the Empire, and Born of Osiris.

The excitement begins before the doors even open.  Upon reaching the parking ramp a block from the venue, we see that fans are lined up.  It’s easy to tell who is going to the show as well, as there is a mix of concertgoers and people dressed in suits leaving their downtown offices in the same area.  It all makes for a very entertaining beginning to the evening.

The audience is an interesting variety.  It’s a younger crowd, from young teenagers to those in their twenties.  There are a number of parents that have attended the show as well, simply to ensure their children are able to see their favorite artists.  A group of girls are seeing Asking Alexandria as their first show ever, as one of their moms reminisces about when she saw Megadeth downtown in 1988.

Even if one came just to see a single band, they are not let down by a single group throughout the night.  They are all incredibly heavy bands, especially those that play earlier on.  It is loud, to say the very least.  Even those sitting in the lounge area have to yell to those around them.  It’s an earplug kind of night for all involved.  It’s also a sweaty, head banging, moshing, piercings getting torn out in the pit kind of night.

Asking Alexandria has one of the largest female fan bases we have ever seen for the type of music they sing.  The front row is basically littered with girls from the age of twelve to their mid twenties, dressed in black, pink, neon colors, leather, extreme makeup, and more.  It’s an event to them, probably making their entire month.  They’re a fun group of fans, being incredibly interactive with all around them.

Although Asking Alexandria is the main act that night and pulled in the majority of the crowd, the show feels like a giant fun festival within a theater.  It’s a great night of music, drinking, and partying within a fantastic venue.  If you have a chance to see them on this tour, don’t miss out.