The Sword – Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN – March 9, 2014

AEG and Mill City Nights Present The Sword. The Sword hits Mill City Nights on March 9, 2014 for the release of their album, Apocryphon. The Sword, a throwback to 1970’s prog metal, hails from Austin, Texas.  It has been stated by many that they can be compared to Black Sabbath, as their sound is incredibly similar.  They have become increasingly more popular over the years, playing a number of clubs throughout the States and more.  This is the first time they have played Mill City Nights, making for an interesting venue change.  It works for them and the audience is enthralled with their performance. The audience is filled with a variety of people.  From teenagers to classic metalheads, one can find just about anyone there.   The band opens with “Cloak of Feathers”, one of their newer releases.  The song is one of their heavier ones, an exciting way to open the show and get the audience going.  They are thrilled at that point to see them, one audience member in particular screaming nearly every lyric one by one. The night goes by quickly, only being a seventy minute set.  Regardless, the audience loves the show and cannot wait to see them again.  They end the concert with two encores, “Barael’s Blade” and “Lords”.  Following the set, it is clear to see the love of the band.  Fans flock to the merchandise booth, a great sign for everyone involved.  We know we will most certainly be there for the next The Sword show.  They’re a fantastic group that are bound to have a great future ahead of them. Set List Cloak of Feathers – Tres Brujas – Winter’s Wolves – Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians – Freya – Arcane Montane – The Hidden Masters – Asterea’s Dream – The Horned Goddess – Maiden, Mother, & Crone – The Chronomancer II: Nemesis – The Veil of Isis – Apocryphon – Barael’s Blade – Lords