Starset – The Fillmore – Minneapolis MN – December 12th 202

The Fillmore Minneapolis presents Starset

Review and photos by Kate Klaus

Starset, the space-themed rock band known for their immersive demonstrations, brought their show to the Fillmore Minneapolis on December 12th, 2021.  Los Angeles based rockers All Good Things opened the night with an energetic and powerful set.  They had an immediate connection with the Minneapolis crowd, expressing their gratitude at the full house that had arrived early to see their set, and the crowd was equally receptive to the commanding vocals from lead singer Dan Murphy and the animated beats from drummer Tim Spier.  Joined by Andrew Bojanic (guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards), Liz Hooper (bass, vocals, keyboards), and Miles Franco (guitars, bass, vocals), they kicked off a dynamic evening of music.

Up next was The Word Alive, a Phoenix based metalcore band.  Continuing the drive started by All Good Things, lead-singer Tyler Smith took the stage with an intense display of liveliness and energy for their opening song Monomania.  Their set included a cover of Kanye West hit Heartless, and references to the gratitude for their fans, the ability to perform live music again, and the chance to connect with the crowd.  The set was filled with thundering drums and distorted bass paired with striking melodies.  They brought a lot of emotion to their performance, and it was well received by the crowd.

Starset performances are referred to as demonstrations, and it’s a fitting description for a show that is so fully immersive to all the senses.  They took the stage with a spectacular light display, complete with LED screen visuals and lasers.  Opening their performance with “The Breach”, lead singer Dustin Bates captivated with his intense vocals.  The addition of violinist Siobhán Cronin and cellist Zuzana Engererova to their live performance added an increased musical depth with the smooth string tones beautifully backing and contrasting the electronic side of Starset’s music. Guitarist Brock Richard and bassist Ron DeChant rocked the stage in their space-esque outfits and goggles, and drummer Adam Gibert, while shrouded in a cloud of fog to facilitate the intense light display, thundered through the dark with powerful rhythm lines. Mid-set the band took a short intermission to change outfits into their classic astronaut style attire. Bates also took a moment to talk about the Starset Society, their role as both musicians and nerds, and the higher level thinking and science that is part of the base of Starset’s demonstrations and one of the fascinating and unique facets of this band’s presence.  I watched the end of the demonstration from the balcony, and wanted to give a note of recognition to Jamie Masche, Starset’s lighting designer, for the spectacular light show that is an integral part of the Starset experience.  Starset closed the night with their hit My Demons, ending a spectacular night of visual and sonic entertainment.