GWAR – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – December 9th 2021

The Pit and 93X present GWAR and special guests Napalm Death

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

Just so you know this is all theater and fun and not real.

Gwar brought their Scumdogs 30th Anniversary Tour to Minneapolis on December 9th. We all have been looking forward to this one. I had just seen them at Welcome to Rockville so knew what to expect. Opening tonight is Grindcore metal heroes Napalm Death. They started 40 year ago and broke with their first album in 1987. They are in support of their latest release Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism. They are a sound all their own and I have never heard anything else like them. I was running a tad late so only caught a few songs at the end. By the reaction of the crowd they were a perfect opener for GWAR. CLICK HERE FOR ALL THINGS NAPALM DEATH.

GWAR GWAR GWAR everyone starts chanting before the curtain goes up. Then War Pigs starts and we all sing along. This band does not miss a beat during The Salaminzer you get a head ripped off and blood everywhere. We were in the pit shooting but quickly made an exit not to get dowsed. It was crazy right of the bat. The fans up front were amazing and loving every minute of it. Since this is an anniversary tour of Scumdogs we got 10 songs from that album tonight. Cool Place to Park, Death Pod, Horror of Yig, King Queen, Love Surgery, Maggots, Sick of You, The Year Without Light, and Vlad the Impaler.  All the other songs come from The Blood of Gods – This Toilet Earth – Carnival of Chaos and Hell-o. Tonight the cast of characters were awesome. During Black and Huge a woman came out and had a double dildo and ended up getting her boobs chopped off and bled everywhere. Blothar the Berserker makes a great front man. He pees on the crowd. gets his arm cut off, rips heads off and keeping up with what they have done for the past 30 years they pretend to kill the active pres on stage. It is an amazing show all around.

The fans are dedicated. You have to plan that if you go to the show. Do you want to be covered in fake blood pee and bodily fluids? If so head to the floor. If not just sit back and watch. Most of the floor will wear white shirts so they get stained and it is a bade of honor at a GWAR show. A lot of people were ready including a lot of couple have date night at the GWAR show.

Over the top theatrics has been this bands thing since the beginning. I have surprised many of my friend with bringing them to see GWAR. You should also bring anyone who has never seen this band and give them a show.

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