9th Planet Out – Victory North – Savannah GA – December 9th 2021

9th Planet Out at Victory North Savannah, GA – 12/9/2021

Review and photos by Kate Klaus

Minnesota heavy rock band 9th Planet Out traveled down to the southeast for a run of shows with Saliva.  On December 9th, they brought their spectacular show to Victory North, a beautiful historic venue in Savannah, GA.   As the venue lights dimmed, the intimate, yet spacious room darkened with fog and the space-themed intro for 9th Planet Out kicked in and the filled the room with intense beams of light.  They took the stage to the intense lights and thundering beats, and the energy was impressively powerful as they opened with “Don’t Let it Fall”, accompanied by a riveting laser and moving light display.  Their light rig is incredibly complex and perfectly choreographed to their set, and not only adds elements of excitement and professional, cutting-edge production to their set, but is a display worthy of high-caliber, large venue stages.  

Each song of their set accentuated the individual talents of each member of the band. Lead singer James Robinson effortlessly oscillated between beautifully haunting melodic tones, and dark, deep screams, and in their cover of Sia’s “Chandelier”, his incredible vocal range was stunning in the higher notes of their heavy version of the chorus.  Guitarist Josh Kulack absolutely shredded through intricate and complex solos in multiple songs, including his solo in “Trapped”, in which he captivated the crowd with mind-bending speed and intensity in his playing.  Brothers Cole and Clay Ebertowski brought thundering bass and heavy-hitting drums, as well as an unparalleled level of energy to the stage.  9th Planet Out have nailed all the elements of a high-caliber band, with expert-quality production, captivating stage presence, intense energy throughout their set, amazing crowd interaction, and a cohesive image as a band that will carry them as they rise on the heavy rock scene, and with all of these elements and the level of talent that was shown at this show, that rise could and should carry them all the way to the top.