Slayer – Myth – Maplewood MN – March 11th 2016

AEG and the Myth present SLAYER!!!

Well it started with my favorite people outside telling us all we are all on our way to hell, the jesus freaks.

I completely understand the first amendment and enjoy a good protest. No one was being judgmental until they showed up.

After about 10 minutes we all kind of forgot they were even there. They still did not take one of my press tickets to see it is in all good fun.

Full set of metal tonight starting with Carcass.

As never being much of a fan I was excited to see them since they have only been here twice in the last 20 years. Last being in 2014.

They kicked ass. I love the energy they give off. They were in support of 2013’s Surgical Steal. After years apart and a new cd it was time for the pioneers of grindcore metal to get back out there.

Some call it melodic death metal. Anyway it was heavy and rockin’.  The crowd got into a huge mosh pit through out there set. Even though it was only 40 minutes it warmed us up.

Setlist – 1985 – Unfit for Human Consumption – Buried Dreams – Incarnated Solvent Abuse – Cadaver  Pouch Conveyor System – The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills – Captive Bolt Pistol – Corporal Jigsore Quandary – Heartwork.

Well next up is Testament. What can you say but Chuck Billy!!! He is the master singer of thrash metal They tour with Slayer all the time and well they are a classic.

Chuck always get one side to kill the other side – it’s a mosh thing.

Not sure what else you can say, IT”S TESTAMENT!!!! Just get INTO THE PIT!!! You will only get the pit for 45 minutes. Which is probably ok cause Slayer is up next.

Setlist – D.N.R. – Legions of the Dead – Rise Up – Dog Faced Gods – The New Order – Practice What Your Preach – Into the Pit – The Formation of Damnation.

Slayer finally drops the curtain and we wait. Right on time at 10pm Slayer hits the stage with Repentless, title track from the album.

Repentless is huge return to what Slayer is all about. The addition of Gary Holt really works. The bay area thrasher that fits right in.

Paul Bostaph returns on drums. Paul was perviously in the band from 92-01.

To see a Slayer show is an all out experience. It is not for someone who wants sit and relax and see a show. Kids in the pit and moshing everywhere int he venue.

Kerry King still holds the metal thrash torch way high and it will be while before he lets go of it.

Setlist – Repentless- Postmortem – Born of Fire – Disciple – God Send Death – War Ensemble – When the Silence Comes – Mandatory Suicide – Hate Worldwide – Seasons in the Abyss – Hell Awaits – Dead Skin Mask – Raining Blood – Black Magic – South of Heaven – Angel of Death.