Megadeth – Myth – Maplewood MN – March 12th 2016

Megadeth is the highly anticipated headliner for 93X’s Brotherhood Ball at The Myth in Maplewood, MN on March 12, 2016.  The show has been promoted for months and the lines around the club well before the doors opened told everyone how excited people were to see them.

They have three openers with them, being Havoc, Children of Bodom, and Suicide Tendencies.  Suicidal Tendencies toured with Megadeth roughly twenty years ago and there are a number of people at the show who recall that tour.  Suicidal Tendencies play a setlist that spans their career, including well known tracks and newer ones.  Michael Mur was actually ill that night, but told us he, “…didn’t want to disappoint the beautiful people”, so he made sure to get onstage.

Megadeth took the stage with the “Hangar 18”.  Minnesota saw their new guitar player, Kiko Loureiro, for the first time and he was fantastic.  It’s always a worry to fans when a member of the band is replaced.  You don’t know what you’re going to get, despite your confidence in the band.  He followed through, as well as Chris Adler from Lamb of God.  Dave Ellefson (Minnesota native) and Dave Mustaine were as wonderful as ever, promoting the new album, “Dystopia”.

The setlist was a solid mix of tunes from throughout their career, including fan favorites, “Symphony of Destruction” and “Peace Sells…”.  The live debut of “Poisonous Shadows” took place that night, just before their encore of “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due.”  So overall, the music heard that night was well liked by anyone there.  Dave Mustaine seemed to be having a great time and interacted heavily with the crowd, which makes for so much of a more fun show.