The Regime – The Last Show – Povs Spring Lake Park Minnesota 5/17/2014

The Regime plays their last show at POVs in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota.

The Regime have done this before to us, but this feel like it is gonna be the last show. Based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota, this band is well known to us Minnesota metalheads.  Cranking out all their hits, drinking as much as possible, getting as much beer and drink thrown on them they did not let us down.  Going out in style tonight at POV’s in Spring Lake Park the place is packed. If you have ever seen The Regime it works like this. They start playing and as time goes on we all drink more and it turns out we all start throwing drinks at Scott Yauch.

He used to spit on people also but that stopped a while back. I guess with age some things are let go.  The band is in top shape tonight. Inviting some of the players not in the band anymore to get up and jam on the older tunes. The band is so good and they never got the credit that they deserve.

I was always amazed by the talent this band has.  After 30 years of giving the Twin Cities a multitude of Knuckle Sandwiches we got our last one tonight. But like they say, Never say never.