Revolver Golden Gods Tour – Black Label Society – Down – Kill Devil Hill – Butcher Babies The Myth Maplewood MN May 21st 2014

Revolver Magazine and Epiphone present the Golden Gods tour staring Black Label Society.

I knew this show was gonna be cool but when I walked in and Butcher Babies were playing it took it to another level. Having never seeing them I was excited. Their energy, musician ship and vocals they are a force to be reckoned with.

Heidi and Carla’s deep screaming vocals are so sweet but yet so fierce. They have one self titled EP and their latest release, Goliath, from 2013. A total mix of Slayer meets Plasmatics meets Slipkknot. Looking forward to more music and tours by these guys.

Next up was Devil You Know. The Beauty if Destruction is their debut album that just came out on March 5th. Devil You Know is Howard JOnes on vocals from Killswitch Engage fame, drummer John Sankey (Fear Factory), Francesco Artusato on guitars, Roy Lev-Ari on guitars and Ryan Wombacher on bass. The mix of sound they got going on is real new and fresh. A little mix of the so-called nu metal with some more heavy edge to it. I recommend the new cd.

Down is never a let down. Bringing the attitude and no bullshit to the stage that is Phill Anselmo. Down has a deep low rooted sound that no one can copy. I have never been that much into the sound but the live show is always entertaining.

They just got the crow into another level of energy. It is incredible to see. Throughout most of the show the stage diving was non stop. Over and over. Mostly of the same people but all of them having a good time. I guess during the performance on of the concert goers that got a little to out of conter and was kicked out., Next we heard he got naked and jumped into the pond behind the venue. Last we heard of the guy. Panter shirts on most of the fans moshing. We were all waiting to see if we were gonna get any of phil’s old band. Not during Down.

Black Label Society headlined the show. Zakk also has a writing style all his own. While working with Ozzy all these years he has come to his own. Even while helping his old mate from time to time. Hitting the stage with a litght  show wice as deep and big as the last 3 bands, THEY ROCK THE JOINT. I do like good guitar playing but since Zakk has stopped drinking his playing is something to watch. There are a few out there that you could just sit and watch them play. He is one of them. He also calls his fans chapters, like a motorcycle club. There are chapters of fans all over the world. Great moment during the show when Zakk hits the piano to his Dimebag Darrel tribute. After that we wait to see if Phil will come out and do some Pantera song. Not tonight. It’s ok show was amazing. Check them out when you can.