Wayne Static – Skyway Theater – Minneapolis, MN – June 7, 2014

Wayne Static is performing at the Skyway Theater in Minneapolis on June 7, 2014. For those fans of Static X, and particularly the Wisconsin Death Trip album, this is an exciting time. And for fans of metal, they will have not only Wayne Static to see, but American Head Charge as well, a local Minneapolis band.

The Skyway Theater is a small venue, one that used to be a movie theater, and the audience members can tell when watching a concert. The main room is very compact when there is a sold out show, so it is best to get there early for shows such as this. American Head Charge has a tremendous following in Minneapolis. They are well received this evening, showing that nothing has changed over the decades of their career.

Wayne Static takes the stage, performing Static X’s well-known album, “Wisconsin Death Trip”. For those that missed out on this fantastic piece of metal that was introduced to the world back in 1999, you have a title to go pick up to add to your collection. The album is loud, thrashing, hard, and everything else that makes for a great metal album. So to see it live is a true experience.