Prof – Palace Theater – St. Paul MN – April 15th 2022

Prof Homecoming Show

Palace Theatre Presents: Prof, Cozz, Ashley DuBose, and JonRa

Review and Photo by Jake Hageman

JonRay and Ashley DuBose were the first two opening acts of the night. They both did a great job at loosening up the crowd and getting everyone ready for the crazy night ahead. Cozz, (a Los Angeles, California rapper), hit the stage soon after. His debut album Cozz & Effect put himself on the map back in 2014 and has since released another album along with a recent EP. The crowd seemed to slowly get a little more wild throughout the duration of his set.

Minnesota native, Prof opened up with his song Tarzan while his team unfolded a big water mat on top of his audience. From there, he lunged onto it and started walking on top of everyone. Now that’s a way to start off a show! I’ve heard from my friends that Prof always puts on a great performance, but it was time I finally saw it for myself. Let’s just say, I was not disappointed! Leading up to this night, I’ve been binging Prof’s music non-stop, and I was very happy to hear him play some of my favorites like Bar Breaker, Andre The Giant, Squad Goals, Animal Patrol, Cutthroat, etc. I could honestly name a lot more because he has so *bangers*. This reminds of something he said last night. Prof asked the crowd “Do you guys notice a pattern with my setlist so far? They’re all f@cking awesome!”

One thing that surprised me was the energy everybody had. I’ve never been to a show where the crowd pretty much sang every word to every song. It blows my mind how dedicated Prof’s fanbase is. In addition, I can also see why everyone loves coming to his shows. Prof had a basketball theme going on stage, and back on his DJ’s booth, there was a scoreboard with “United States” vs “Minnesota” on it. The audience would score points by being loud and rowdy. He then separated his show by 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, etc, and by the time he reached the “end” of his set, the score was tied. Overtime came into place (which was his encore), and he ended his show with a bang by coming out with a big blow-up lake trampoline. Just like in the beginning of his show, his team tossed it into the crowd, and he was being pushed around over everyone. This allowed the crowd to gain more points and win. As I watched above in the balcony, I could tell everyone was having a great time. Overall, I’m super happy with his performance, and I definitely want to go to more Prof shows now!

Prof Setlist:

 1st Quarter

  1. Tarzan
  2. Animal Patrol
  3. Cutthroat
  4. Time Bomb

2nd Quarter

  1. Fire Lessons
  2. Yeah Buddy
  3. Pay Day
  4. Spellbound (The Beginning)

3rd Quarter

  1. Dodo Birds
  2. No
  3. Squad Goals

4th Quarter

  1. Motel
  2. Flower Boy
  3. True Love
  4. Gasoline
  5. Andre The Giant


  1. Bar Breaker
  2. Church
  3. Action