Primus – The Myth – Saint Paul, Minnesota – June 1, 2013

AEG and The Myth present Primus in 3D

On June 1, 2013, a variety of audience members crowd The Myth in Maplewood, MN to see Primus.  Primus’s latest tour is a trip into 3D like no other. There are shows, concerts, performances, and productions. This is all that and more. The stage consists of two enormous astronauts on each side of the video screen. Their heads move and look around as if they are alive, much to the astonishment of the audience.

The band does two sets, running for about two and a half hours. During each song the video screen changes to different video and 3D effects. The video screen plays anything from classic westerns to strange home movies. Throughout each video there are 3D effects that appear to jump out at the spectators. Images include lobsters, waterfalls, fireworks, stars, worms, and much more. People find themselves thinking that is this is all really happening. The best place to watch is directly in the center on the floor. For those that were unable to centralize and found themselves on the sides of The Myth, found that they were able to enjoy the three dimensional aspects just as much.

The band was its usual self, tight and jamming the whole night through. Les even jokes with some audience members about their tattoos. His playing is incredible, a concept not already unheard of by those eagerly gathered into the club for the show.

Random quote overheard at the show.
“Did you see that? That is how much thought these guys put into their show.”

Set one – To Defy the Laws of Tradition – Fisticuffs – Moron TV – American Life – Over the Falls – Lee Van Cleef – Tragedy’s a’ Comin’ – Mrs. Baileen – My Name is Mud.

The intermission includs Popeye cartoons to keep the audience laughing and entertained.

Set two – The Heckler – Seas of Cheese – Jilly’s on Smack – Mr. Krinkle – Drum solo – Eleven – Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver – Groundhog’s Day – Harold of the Rocks. Encore – HOINFODAMAN and Too Many Puppies.

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