Melanie Martinez – Target Center – Minneapolis MN – June 11th 2024

On Tuesday night, alternative pop singer Melanie Martinez brought her three act Trilogy Tour to Target Center to perform in front of a sold out crowd, full of dedicated fans dressed in her iconic pastel clothing looks. As the minutes ticked by, the buzz in the arena grew louder and more pronounced as the start of the show grew near. 

After much anticipation, the first act of the night entered the stage, a singer and multi-instrumentalist by the name of SOFIA ISELLA. As she began her set, the tones of her electronic industrial beats washed over the crowd in front of her, and paired with her crooning vocals it created a haunting melody that paired well with the energy that Melanie Martinez would bring later in the night. She incorporated her musical experience into her performance by playing violin and guitar solos to accompany her dark, chaotic style of music, and the combination of her individual skills on stage was incredibly impressive, seeing as she performed as a solo act.

The next artist to perform was five piece indie band Beach Bunny, who brought a more full sound to the stage to entertain the anxious crowd while they waited for their Queen Melanie. Every member of the band had infectious energy, jumping around the stage and  grooving to the sound of their own sweet breezy melodies. The audience roared to life to sing along to their biggest songs “Prom Queen” and “Cloud 9”, both of which blew up on TikTok during quarantine in 2020. 

Before Melanie began her performance, the crowd was at a fever pitch, anxiously waiting for the star they all came to see. The show began with her songs from her first album, “Crybaby”, and Melanie made her entrance by being lifted from under the stage into the air on a platform, and dancing in sync with her dance crew, who were dressed head to toe in comical looking toy rabbit costumes, with massive fuzzy masks. After performing the title track and the next five songs in chronological order, she, came down from her pedestal and strutted to the front of the stage with her dancers, where she bounced and swayed to the beat of her smash hit song “Play Date”, in between sets of huge blow-up candles to go with the theme of another hit single of hers, “Pity Party”. She periodically stuck the mic out to the crowd, as they all sang the lyrics word for word, as if they were the ones performing the song for Melanie and not the other way around.

During her second act of the night, there were many more theatrics to go along with her songs from her second album “K-12”, like giant ribbons holding her arms up like a puppet during “Show & Tell”, and rocking on a giant see-saw with her dancers during “Class Fight”. She closed the second act by dancing on top of a school desk to “Teachers Pet” while singing the chorus back and forth with the crowd, and then belted out a shortened version of “High School Sweethearts” before being shot in the chest with a heart shaped arrow, and lowered down into the depths of the stage.

To close out the show, Melanie Came out on stage in her mask and full outfit for her newest album “PORTALS”, after a short intermission with an interpretive dance routine. She ran through almost the entirely of the project, and the deadicated fans in the crowd continued to hang on every one of her words, and soak in the final songs of the show before it was over.