Noah Kahan – Xcel Energy Center – St. Paul MN – June 7th 2024

The Xcel Energy Center Presents: Noah Kahan and John Vincent II“We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour”

Review By: Jake Hageman

Photo by Joe Lemke

The “We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour” rolled into the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN last night, and it was quite the experience. As someone who usually frequents metal shows, this was a refreshing change. I wanted to check out Noah Kahan because a lot of my friends and family love him. Although I didn’t get a photopass, I was still very happy to get a review ticket and check out the show!

The evening kicked off with John Vincent III. Although I wasn’t familiar with his music beforehand, I was pleasantly surprised by his performance. According to, “John Vincent III effortlessly blends folky, rhythmic guitar with soulful, vulnerable lyricism to create the perfect Americana-Pop blend.” John Vincent III’s acoustic set was a warm and inviting start, drawing the audience in with his heartfelt songs and smooth vocals. He played a few of his popular songs like “In My Sheets,” “Bluebird Singing,” and “Next To You”.

After John Vincent III was done, the room really started to fill in. The Xcel Energy Center was packed to the brim with fans, many of whom were decked out in “boho” colors, creating a vibrant sea of people. As the lights dimmed, the stage decorations came to life. Large ropes hung from the ceiling, adding a rustic, intimate vibe that suited Kahan’s folk-inspired sound perfectly.

One of the standout moments of the evening was when large pictures, reportedly from Noah’s mom’s living room, descended from the ceiling. This unique setup made the performance feel incredibly personal and homey. Noah took this opportunity to play a few acoustic songs, creating an intimate atmosphere.

As the pictures ascended back into the ceiling, Noah walked past the crowd to his B-Stage on the other side of the arena. This clever move allowed fans in every corner of the venue to get up close and personal with the artist. It was a great way to keep the energy high and the audience engaged, making the large arena feel more intimate and connected.

Throughout the night, the crowd’s excitement was obvious. Every time Noah started a song, the arena erupted with screams, particularly from the girls in the audience. It was very clear that Noah Kahan has a dedicated and passionate fanbase.

Some of the highlights of the night included performances of his most popular songs like “Northern Attitude,” “False Confidence,” and “Stick Season.” Each track was met with roaring approval, with the audience singing along to every word. I’ve only heard a few of the more popular songs, but they all sounded great.

Despite not being an avid listener of Noah Kahan before this concert, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the experience. His live performance was engaging, and the atmosphere he created was both intimate and intriguing. If you haven’t checked out Noah Kahan yet, I’d definitely recommend giving him a listen, especially live.

Overall, attending this concert was a delightful departure from my usual genre. The combination of John Vincent III’s opening set and Noah Kahan’s heartfelt, engaging performance made for an unforgettable evening at the Xcel Energy Center. It was a night filled with genuine musical talent and a noticeable sense of community among the fans. If you get the chance to catch this tour, do it. You won’t be disappointed.