Lorde – Armory – Minneapolis MN – April 25th 2022

Lorde – Solar Power Tour 2022

Presented by AEG

Review and photos by Patrick Dunn

For the second time in less than two-weeks, the Armory concert hall in Minneapolis welcomed a capacity crowd for another very on-trend and highly anticipated powerhouse female performance. This time it was electropop singer-songwriter Lorde who sparked an infectious sense of excitement amongst her mostly twenties and under Twin Cities fanbase on April 25th.

The artistically designed stage set was a functional and effective backdrop for the brightly dressed entertainer, whose show loosely consisted of 3 acts, only identifiable by a quick outfit change leading into each. The substantial 20+ song set was packed full of selections off her most recent Solar Power album, with the best songs from her prior two releases sprinkled throughout.

The Armory really delivered on hospitality and sound quality, plus the open floor offered fans who were willing to put in the work plenty of exceptional vantage points to enjoy the show from. Lorde commented during one of her heartfelt audience interactions how blown away she was to see people earlier that day lined up outside in the cold. That was just one of numerous compliments toward our city where she recalled always feeling great energy over the past 9 or so years she’s been coming here.

The Solar Power tour performance is noticeably scripted with very intentional and artistic placement of her band members for maximum effect. Clips of the show are now being added regularly to YouTube, but you must actually be there to get a full appreciation of how much fun it really is. Despite a good percentage of Lorde’s recorded material having acoustic lead-ins and sparse instrumentation as a component, it translates very well to the live setting and manages to develop into a much bigger sound. Lorde’s connection to the material is undeniable and her delivery is organic in nature and very entertaining.

There are two songs that alternate show to show within the otherwise relatively consistent setlist, but on this night as a reward for the crowd’s enthusiasm Lorde offered a choice between “Hard Feelings” and “The Louvre” to be decided by a vote of applause with the later narrowly winning out and it rocked. Fans were singing along often, but really came in strong on “Ribs” and “Perfect Places”. The nights best energy by far occurred during “Supercut” and “Greenlight”, which was elevated by a confetti blast. The encore to no surprise led off with “Royals” and closed out strong with “Team”. All in attendance would have to agree that this show was memorable and worth the wait.

Also of note, supporting act Remi Wolf opened the evening with a spirited, high energy set and is worthy of being added to your current playlist.

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Solar Power Tour Set List:
Leader of a New Regime
Homemade Dynamite
Buzzcut Season
Stoned at the Nail Salon
Fallen Fruit
The Path
The Louvre
Big Star
Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen It All)
Mood Ring
Perfect Places
Solar Power
Green Light
Oceanic Feeling