Cavetown – Varsity Theater – Minneapolis MN – April 24th 2022

Cavetown with Tessa Violet and Addison Grace

Varsity Theater – Minneapolis, MN – April 22nd, 2022

Review and photos by Kate Klaus

The eclectic Varsity Theater in downtown Minneapolis was the perfect venue for back-to-back sold out shows from British singer-songwriter Cavetown.  Opening the night was Utah singer and social media star Addison Grace, who delivered a beautiful and heartfelt set of intimate songs with an authentic and loving delivery that had the crowd captivated from the start.  They connected immediately with the young crowd, and delivered not only beautifully crafted music, but words of encouragement, connection, and love.

Tessa Violet took the stage next, bringing a flair of energy and personality that had the crowd jumping and screaming in happiness.  She opened her set with her hit “Crush” with a beautiful quirky energy and infectious enthusiasm.  Immediately connecting with the crowd and sharing some her own struggles and receiving affirmations from screaming fans, it was quickly apparent why her spirited music and relatable personality has earned her a huge following of young fans.  It was beautiful to see so many young people celebrating and feeling comfortable in their individuality, beauty, and uniqueness.

Cavetown continued this heartfelt and connected evening, starting out his set with catchy hit “Fool” to the screams of the packed house.  His quiet presence and laid-back aesthetic was complemented by his quiet yet beautiful vocals and soft smile that was both comforting and hiding the more powerful energy and vitality that would start to sneak out as the set progressed.  As with the previous performers, he instantly connected with the young crowd, drawing attention to multiple attendees with his favorite frog bucket hats, recognizing the flags and making everyone feel included, accepted, and part of the show.  His music was fun, relatable, catchy, and well-delivered, and even more far reaching was the message that he gave to the young crowd of self-worth and acceptance to carry back out into the world.