The Warning – Fine Line – Minneapolis MN – April 27th 2022

Surly Brewing and First Avenue presents The Warning with special guests Devora

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

Opening the show was Arizona’s Devora. They put on this cool dark western rock music style. For a three piece they make some pretty good noise. They even threw in a Johnny Cash cover. As they had a short set I wish there was more I could say but they were a great opener for the show. Click the link above to check them out. I am also looking forward to what they have coming in the future.

The reason I went to this show is I was checking out the line up for Rock Fest this summer, as I do every year. I always search the bands I don’t know to get familiar with them. The Warning hit me right away. The riffs and grooves these girls have are amazing. Then I found out their ages range from 15-20. WOW they really know what they are doing. Usually it takes years to grt this good. So I did some research on them also and found out they got really big with their cover of Metallica’s Enter Sandman. Which they did grace us with. Then I found out that came out 7 years ago. The band has 2 full albums under their belts Queen of the Murder Scene and XXI Century Blood. Their latest EP Mayday just came out last year They also have just signed with Lava Records for 5 more albums.

The band comes from Monterrey Mexico and was in Minneapolis for what we thought was a well deserved warm day after the winter we had. They stated they were freezing while they were here. Made me laugh a bit. Always funny when MInnesotan’s get one warm day to run around with the windows down. THen band was amazing tonight. THey kept the set list heavy to the Mayday EP with 5 songs from Queen and XXI thrown in. Metallica cover of course and a couple more singles thrown in.

The Fine Line was packed for the show which is really good to see metal heads coming out to support the scene. The girls have been playing for years and it shows as they are on stage. To get this far at that young of an age is amazing. I look forward to more music coming from them.
Click the link above for everything about the Warning, and if they are in your town do not miss the show.
Setlist – Money – Dust to Dust – Dull Knives (Cut Better) – DISCIPLE – Narcisista – Enter Sandman – Survive – When I’m Alone – MARTIRIO – EVOLVE