Laura Morano – 7th St Entry – Minneapolis MN – August 19th 2022

8/19/2022  Laura Marano @ the 7th Street Entry

From 2001 to 2018, Starkey (a hearing aid company) started having an annual gala every year to raise money to get hearing aids to people who couldn’t afford them in different countries (which I wish they would bring back the gala…it was a great fun event because it brought a bit of a Hollywood glamour to quiet St Paul every year.) There were major stars there like Robin Williams, Katy Perry and Steven Tyler just to name a few. One of the attendees for several years was actress, singer and songwriter Laura Marano, who was a star on the Disney Channel before branching out into music. Her 2022 “the Us Tour” was her first ever concert tour and was an ambitious endeavor. Because it was a first tour, they played mostly smaller venues like the very intimate 7th Street Entry (which is part of the legendary First Avenue nightclub.) Originally the concert was scheduled for July 27, 2022 but had to be reschedule for August 19th because Laura got COVID. The concert did not disappoint! Because the venue is so small it is like seeing a concert in a garage with your friends. I wasn’t familiar with her music so I did not know what to expect, but it was good pop music that was quite catchy. The only thing that seemed a little off was that there were some backing tracks that seemed out of place with the live music they were playing on stage. The opening act was singer, songwriter and guitarist for Laura Marano’s band, Mark Diamond, who was good but also very funny too.