Hanson – Fillmore – MInneapolis MN – August 20th 2022

Review and photo by. Kaila Turck

Hanson brought their “Red, Green, Blue” tour to the Fillmore in Minneapolis MN, on
August 19 th , 2022. In which the latest Hanson album title with the same name, just came out
earlier this year. They have currently been on their worldwide tour that will end November
Red, Green, Blue is a unique album in that each member made their third of the album
individually. Taylor Hanson represents Red, Isaac Hanson represents Green, and Zac Hanson
represents Blue. Each of these sections is different from one another in that it doesn’t stick to a
specific genre. Red, has an Americana style to it. Green has an old-fashioned warm feel to it,
which also holds a song that Isaac had written for his daughter, Odette, called “Write You a
Song”. Isaac explained that his daughter asked him one day why he hasn’t written a song about
her, and away he went creating a beautiful tenderness to it. The Blue portion of the album has
a funky pop-country rock mix to it.
You can hear each brother’s individuality throughout the songs that they wrote. This is
such a cool concept for an album that combines more than one song writer in the group and
where each person can contribute parts of themselves into it.
I love being able to follow a band and see their progression, creativity, and acclimatization
throughout a career, from beginning to present. Obviously, they still play MMMBop though (I
think us fans would be upset if they didn’t, lol)

1. ​Waiting for This
2. Where’s the Love
3. A Minute Without You
4. Against the World
5. Thinking of You
6. If Only
7. Been There Before
8. Child at Heart
9. Save Me
10. Go
11. Annalee
12. Penny & Me
13. Hand in Hand
14. Write You a Song
15. This Time Around
16. Cold as Ice
17. Don’t Let Me Down
18. Thinking About Something
19. Rambling Heart
20. I Will Come to You
21. Watch Over Me
22. I Was Born
23. MMMBop
24. Voice in the Chorus
25. Get the Girl Back

26. Lost Without Each Other