Rockzilla Tour – Mayo Clinic Health System Event Center – Mankato MN – August 16th 2022

Mayo Clinic Health System Event Center Presents: Rockzilla Tour: Papa Roach, Falling in Reverse, Hollywood Undead, Bad Wolves

Photo and Review by Jake Hageman

As soon as this tour was released, I just knew I had to go! The 2 and a half our drive to Mankato, MN was definitely worth it. This tour lineup is pretty similar to the “Kill the Noise” one they had in the spring. The only main difference is Falling in Reverse wasn’t a part of it at the time. I went to see that show at The Armory in Minneapolis back in March mainly for Hollywood Undead. That was my first time seeing H.U., and I absolutely loved it since they’ve been a favorite of mine since the 6th grade. Being that I’m a huge fan of that band and Falling in Reverse, I would’ve loved to grab a media pass. It didn’t end up happening, but that didn’t stop me from attending as a guest and having a good time! Although I wasn’t able to do professional pictures, I took some with my phone and decided to write up a little show recap anyways. I won’t try to make it super in-depth, but I’ll tell you a little about it!

Just like their last tour, Bad Wolves opened up the show. To me, they’re just another band that got popular from a song they didn’t even write. Their cover of “Zombie” from The Cranberries sounded great and was crazy popular, but it’s just one of those things to me where I feel they used someone else’s work to get big right off the bat. In addition, they don’t even have their original singer Tommy Vext (who left January of 2020). Overall, the band still sounded pretty good, and my favorite song they played was “Killing Me Slowly”.

Bad Wolves Setlist:

            Sacred Kiss – No Messiah – Killing me Softly – House of Cards – If Tomorrow Never Comes – Zombie – I’ll Be There

The next band was the main one I came to see. I might be a little biased, but Hollywood Undead absolutely crushed it! Their setlist was very similar to when I saw them in March, but they did add a new song which was awesome to hear! The new one was “City of the Dead” from their brand new album Hotel Kalifornia which just came out on August 12th, 2022. I’m super excited to see these guys for a 3rd time this year at Blue Ridge Rockfest in Virginia! The band always brings a ton of energy to the stage, and they seem to get the crowd all riled up every time.

Hollywood Undead Setlist:

            CHOAS – California Dreaming – Riot – City of the Dead – Comin’ in Hot – War Child – Another Way Out – Folsom Prison Blues – Bullet – Hear Me Now – Everywhere I Go – Undead

Falling in Reverse was after, and they were fantastic! I’ve listened to some of their old songs in the past and whatever else was on the radio like “Popular Monster”, but I’ve been really binging these guys since this past Spring. This made me even more excited to see them because I actually knew more songs. I ended up singing along to every tune they played. I saw these guys at Blue Ridge Rockfest last year for the first time which ended up being a big commotion because someone in the crowd had a “Fuck Ronnie Radke” shirt on, and if any of you guys know what kind of person Ronnie Radke is, you know that he doesn’t fly with that kind of thing. Radke is a super controversial dude because he’s not afraid to express how he feels about certain things. For that reason, it makes me like him even more! One thing Radke said last night that got stuck in my head was “Most bands have to save their most popular song from their first album to play last. Well not in my band!” The newer Falling in Reverse songs have been going off the charts lately. The “Voices in My Head” video has over 12 million views in 2 months, and their other hit “Zombified” has over 15 million views in the last 7 months. The band as a whole sounded amazing last night, and I love how much energy Ronnie Radke brings to the stage. He was constantly running back and forth across the front. From the last time I saw Papa Roach in the spring compared to this Falling in Reverse set, I’m surprised they aren’t the ones headlining.

Falling in Reverse Setlist:

            Zombified – I’m Not a Vampire – Losing My Mind – Raised by Wolves – Fuck You and All Your Friends – The Drug In Me Is You – Drugs – Voices In My Head – Popular Monster          

Papa Roach was last to perform, and they seemed to do a pretty good job as well. I honestly can’t talk a ton about it because I left after the first 4 songs (I had a 2 and a half hour drive home). They opened up with Kill the Noise and played Getting Away With Murder right after, and that was already good enough for me. The band sounded great like always, but I was mainly at the show for Hollywood Undead and Falling in Reverse. Although I wasn’t there the whole time, I found their setlist online

Papa Roach Setlist:

            Kill the Noise – Getting Away With Murder – Help – Dead Cell – Firestarter – Swerve – To Be Loved – Forever – Face Everything and Rise – Lullaby Jam – Scars – No Apologies – Between Angels and Insects – Born for Greatness – Last Resort