311 – The Ledge Amphitheater – Waite Park MN – September 12th 2021

The Ledge Amphitheater presents 311

It was a genuinely late summer/early fall Sunday night to be at a concert outside, yes even in Minnesota, perfect night to be outdoors.

It is always exciting going to a new venue, yes, I have shot there once before, but it’s always fun to navigate through a new place to take photos. I love it even more so because it is only a 10-minute drive from my house vs an hour! Regardless, it is an awesome new venue and I feel like The Ledge Amphitheater will do very well with where it is and the venue itself. It is super spacious, and some concerts have some seats and a small standing area while the first show at the Ledge I attended was just standing, but there is no bad seat (or standing) in that place. 

311 brought their “Live from the Ride Tour” to Waite Park, Minnesota on Sunday, September 12th, 2021. Iya Terra was the opener for the show and started to get everyone moving and dancing to the music, getting ready for the headliner.

Iration is a band where each member was actually born in Hawaii, except they did not get their fame until playing in California’s college circuit. Iration is a pop/punk reggae mix with some other fun instruments thrown in. They were there to make sure everyone was feeling good and starting to let loose and dance. They make a type of music that you sway to, even if you don’t know that you are, you’re dancing even when you don’t intend to. They just have that type of sound and groove that basically controls you and makes you at ease. There are also ten members in the band, so the stage is full, and you always have someone to look at or listen to. 

311 is definitely the type of band that gets everyone in the audience to dance or sway even in the slightest. Their music is just so captivating that it draws you in without even thinking about it. I have seen 311 several times and I can say that every time they sound exactly like they do on their records while also putting on a remarkable show, every, single, time. They are always super engaging with their fans, which helps them put on a great show. 311 is the style of band that you go to a show knowing that you will have a great time because they are so appeasing when you just want to chill out and listen to some good reggae rock.