Blue Ridge Rock Festival – Day 4 – Danville VA – September 12th 2021

Blue Ridge Rock Festival – Day 3 – Danville VA – September 11th 2021

Photo gallery and review by Brian Curski

Day 4 seemed to have less people on the grounds in the early hot day (humid and 94 for a high), but those who came early were treated to a great set from Ayron Jones, who included a song from “one my favorite local Seattle bands”, Nirvana’s Breed.  Starset and Pop Evil were two bands I have not seen before that put on exciting crowd hyping shows.  Seeing We Came As Romans, Fit For A King and Underoath in the space of an hour was three crazy sets.  It didn’t stop after that was a lot of crowd surfing for Ill Nino, August Burns Red, and the very theatrical Ice Nine Kills.  Another “first show since the pandemic” band was Papa Roach, and energy went live to and from the stage as the sun went down.  Finally, headliners Shinedown closed out the night and the entire festival with a great light show, and fireworks at the end.
If you search for the show, the first thing you may see is the problems it had.  I think if you polled the people who went, it was an overwhelming good time had by most.   It was an amazing feeling to see people so many people happy in one place, and I told everyone working there who I could including organizer/promoter Jon Slye, I will be back next year if they’ll have me.  Seeing favorites healed my heart to hear them loud, and I have a new list of bands I must see again.