Yung Gravy at State Fair Grandstand – August 30th – 2023

Yung Gravy at the Minnesota State Fair by Patrick Dunn

Young Gravy plays the Minnesota State Fair.  He does an outstanding job of providing a wide range of entertainment.  It appeals to the diverse crowds they bring in each day. The grandstand lineup for Wednesday night aimed to attract young fans of rap music. There has been a lot of buzz and excitement around Yung Gravy and he proved to be commanding in both height and ability. Gravy dove right in and generated a party-like atmosphere and the crowd was totally onboard and helped fuel what was a fun performance. Supporting act bbno$ is good friends with Yung Gravy and a force in his own right. He offered exceptional artistry and did a fantastic job of getting things fired up.

One of Yung Gravy’s standout characteristics lies in his use of sampling. He masterfully incorporates samples from 1950s and 1960s pop, soul, and funk songs.  He then blends them seamlessly with modern hip-hop beats. Tracks like “Mr. Clean” and “1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot” showcase this.  He has a knack for taking well-loved oldies and transforming them into catchy, modern anthems. This unique approach not only garners attention from younger audiences but also resonates with older listeners who appreciate the nostalgic elements.

Humor plays a significant role in Yung Gravy’s music. His lyrics often brim with playful and irreverent lines, demonstrating a keen sense of comedic timing. Whether he’s referencing pop culture or delivering clever punchlines, Yung Gravy’s humor adds a light-hearted and entertaining dimension to his tracks. This combination of humor and musicality creates a refreshing contrast to the more serious themes often explored in hip-hop.

Yung Gravy’s charisma extends beyond his music. His lively stage presence and engaging personality have made him a favorite on the live circuit. Fans flock to his concerts, drawn by his energetic performances and the promise of a good time. Yung Gravy’s ability to connect with his audience, both online and in person, solidifies his status as a rising star in the hip-hop community.


Having Yung Gravy play Minnesota State Fair was a really fun option.