Wrestlepalooza – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – October 1st 2021

F1rst Wrestling and First Avenue present Wrestlepalooza
Review and photos by Brian Curski
After more than 600 days, F1rst Wrestling has returned to First Avenue for Wrestlepalooza XVIII.  Mixing wrestling, burlesque, and a couple musical performances from Brenden Kelly, it felt great to cheer, chant and boo in First Avenue again.
The show sold out weeks in advance, and since the show sold out before any matches were announced, the entire card was a secret.  That added to the anticipation for each match intro, since no one know who was actually in the building!
My Highlights were Atomic Super Thunderfrog bringing his hammer down on the entire six man match, the crowd chanting “Teeth” for Danhaussen most of the match, and seeing Ariya Daivari return to F1rst Wrestling to chants of “Fly Sheik Fly”.
Their next event is Unleashed, Sunday, November 14th at First Avenue. F1rst Wrestling presents UNLEASHED ★ First Avenue – First Avenue

F1rst Wrestling presents UNLEASHED ★ First Avenue – First Avenue

On November 14, 2021 at the First Avenue in Minneapolis, F1rst Wrestling presents UNLEASHED.

Starboy Charlie vs Devon Monroe vs Dante Martin (win)
Deeva Rose (burlesque)
Badger Briggs (win) vs Free Range Kara
Brenden Kelly of The Lawrence Arms (music)
Darin Corbin (win) vs Danhaussen
Billie starks vs Jordynne Grace (win)
6 Man Match –  Iron Rebel Renny D vs Brandon Gore vs Scott Story vs Rylie Jackson vs Deputy Rob Justice vs Atomic Super Thunderfrog (win)
Sweetpea (burlesque)
Arik Cannon vs Ariya Daivari (win)
Post Match – Ariya Daivari challenges Wrestlepalooza champion Darius Martin to a future match