The Eagles – Xcel Energy Center – St. Paul MN – October 1st 2021

Live Nation and Xcel Energy Center presents The Eagles.

The evening started with the band playing thee complete album, Hotel California. Before the curtain was drawn a guy came across the stage with the album and puts it on a record player to begin the concert, as the curtains are drawn they start the album.

The album is one of the most popular rock albums of all time, but we already know that. What was different this time around there was a full orchestra and choir with them. For the string arrangements we had the mn vocal choir and the mn string orchestra to complete those parts.

After they play the whole album, Don introduces the choir, orchestra and conductor who actually did the original arrangements on the album.. He then stated that they were gonna take a break, get into some dry clothes and play everything we know for three hours.


A short break was had to refresh our beers, get a sweet jersey and talk to other fans about the other times we have seen them. Seven Bridget’s road opens the greatest hits set. The harmonies these guys do still is beyond me. Even without the choir they are amazing. 

Take it easy has the place up and dancing and it keeps going with One of These Nights.  Don then addresses the crowd about how things are turning to autumn and how nice it is to be back in the twin cities after three years. He says Deacon is a big reason. Thanks him for helping them all heal in the passing of his dad Glen. Then rips him a bit about his shirt and only a 20 year old could wear something like that. As I’m there with a Hawaiian Sasquatch fall themed shirt on. Don states we are hear to entertain you. for 3 hours so you can get away from all that real life crap thats out there cause it will all be there tomorrow. That’s exactly what they did. 

Vince Gill then steps in for Take it to The Limit. This is maybe my all time favorite Eagles song. It sounded so good with the choir and orchestra behind them. Joe Walsh is up next ripping it up with The Warriors theme song In the City. Joe has been with them since 76 and is a fan favorite, as you can tell by the response of the crowd. Timothy B Schmidt comes the front and does I Can’t Tell You Why, Deacon sings Peaceful Easy Feeling, it’s all just so good. 

Then it’s Joe’s turn. He talks to the crowd and starts talking about when it all started. He then states “It was a lot more fun being in your 20’s in the 70’s then being 70 in the 20’s” Brilliantly put Joe. LIfe’s Been Good finally got about half the place up and rocking. Joe gets a lot of attention at and Eagles show. Funk #49 had him and Gill whipping up some extraordinary guitar work. I never knew Vince was this good. Don’t forget Steuart Smith either who has been with them since the falling out, a second time of Don Felder. He is an amazing guitar player and fills in perfectly throught the years. Heartache Tonight closes out the main set. Finally the whole place is standing.

Encore started with Rocky Mountain Way. Another Joe classic. Desperado highlights Don’s talents still in his 70’s. Boy of Summer is a cool add to the set. Even though it’s a Don solo tune it fits perfectly. Best of My love closes out on of the best concerts I have seen.  What more can I say then I just saw the Eagles.