Whitesnake – The Myth – Maplewood MN – July 11th 2015

David Coverdale brings his “Purple Tour” to The Myth in Maplewood, Minnesota on the beautiful evening of July 11, 2015. The tour is booked as Whitesnake with Coverdale fronting the group, backed by Reb Beach, Michael Devin, Brian Ruedy, Joel Hoekstra, and legenedary drummer, Tommy Aldridge, of Motorhead, Ozzy Ozbourne, Ted Nugent, and Thin Lizzy fame, not mention a laundry list of other acts.

The tour is promoting “The Purple Album”, an album of covers of the band, Deep Purple, of which David Coverdale was once a member. The most noted tracks include, “Burn”, “Mistreated”, and “You Fool No One”, all of which the audience at The Myth is treated to.

The entire show is not based solely on the new album, however. Mixed together with it are the hits that Whitesnake are known for and what the majority of the audience was eager to hear. The beginning of the setlist included songs such as, “Love Ain’t No Stranger” and “Give Me All Your Love”, while the end of the show closed out with “Is This Love?”, “Here I Go Again”, and “Still of the Night”.

It’s always fun to see David Coverdale live, despite the setlist, as he has such a positive energy about him. He seems to very much enjoy what he does and it is reflected in his live performance. It is something I greatly enjoy about Whitesnake shows in general. With Tommy Aldridge backing him, it made for an amazing night.