Rolling Stones – TCF Bank Stadium – Minneapolis MN – June 3rd 2015

The Rolling Stones Zip Code Tour is coming to the TCF Bank Stadium in Dinkytown in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It is basically “Rolling Stones Day”.  The city (if not state) has been preparing for the show for months, since the first billboard appeared, notifying them that the Stones were indeed coming to Minneapolis.  The only extreme downer of the day?  The absolute downpour of rain that is infiltrating the state.  It isn’t just raining – it is coming down, something no one wants for an outdoor show.  Lucky for the audience, it let up the moment that the crew began to set up the stage.

Grace Potter opened for The Rolling Stones.  Grace is known for working with a number of acts such as Kenny Chesney, The Black Keys, and more.  She was an ideal opener for the show and brought forth a great number of fans.  It did rain through her entire set, which was a setback, but a large amount of the audience trudged through the rain and greatly enjoyed it, nonetheless.

The Rolling Stones are The Rolling Stones.  There’s really no other way to put it. Regardless of their age, they seem to be downright immortal when it comes to a stage presence.  Mick Jagger is in his seventies and was dancing around the stage better than some twenty year olds.  One can tell just by watching the show how much they love what they do, as one would not bother putting their bodies through that if they weren’t all for it.

The show itself was a mix of greatest hits – a real treat for the entire audience.  The thing about a band like The Rolling Stones is that they have so many hits that something is always going to get missed.  You will always leave one of their shows saying, “Why didn’t they play this song?”  And while I really missed songs such as “Paint It Black”, “Ruby Tuesday”, and more, they had an excellent set list.   It was littered with tunes such as, “Sympathy for the Devil”, “Start Me Up” and a fantastic rendition of “Gimmie Shelter” in which Grace Potter sang with Mick Jagger.

Considering it is Dinkytown, home of the University of Minnesota, it was safe to say that the party continued after that near three hour long show ended.  It wouldn’t surprise us in the least if the Stones made their way back to Minnesota again soon, as they never seem to stop.