Wheeler Walker JR – Turf Club – St. Paul MN – June 3rd 2016

Wheeler Walker Jr live at the Turf Club in St Paul MN.

Wheeler has just released his debut album in February Redneck Shit. With this being only the third date on his tour we were all very excited to see out new hero in country music.

Bringing back some rude and raunchy back to country music. His album is not for those new country loving folk.

Opening the tour is Birdcloud. Straight out of Nashville and in your face. Made up of Jasmine and Makenzie on guitar and mandolin make some of the dirtiest country music.

If you like booze and debauchery  these are the girls for you. For more info on them please visit http://www.birdcloudamerica.com/

Wheeler hits the stage and does not stop for a good 80 minutes. Opening up with Sit on My Face a nice little bitty about, well something that gets sticky. With a good solid band backing him each song is played perfect. Beer Weed Cooches is his take on sex drugs and rock n roll. Every song is catchier than the next. With beer flowing before the show we were feeling really good at this point.

The Turf Club sold out days in advance so a good sign for Wheeler. We have been pushing the album big time at or store – Discland in Bloomington. One of the best songs was up next, Family Tree. All about not wanting her but checking out the Family Tree. We were also treated to a brand new song, Drunk Sluts. He also covered AMG Bitch Better Have My Money,. well done!!!

Though out the night Wheeler entertained the sold out show to no end. His songs are a breath of fresh air on country music.

He has a plan to take over Nashville and show everyone what it’s all about, and we are behind him every step of the way!!!

Webpage http://www.wheelerwalkerjr.com/

Full Setlist – Sit On My Face – Beer Weed Cooches – Family Tree – Drunk Sluts – Fightin’ Fuckin’ Fartin’ – Outlaw Shit – Redneck Shit – Bitch Betta Have My Money – Can’t Fuck You Off of My Mind – Fuck You Bitch – Better Off Beatin Off – Wonder Who She’s Fuckin – Drop Em Out – Eatin’ Pussy Kickin Ass – Which One of Your Queers.