Sturgill Simpson – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – June 5th 2016

First Avenue presents an evening with Sturgill Simpson.

Sturgill is in support of his new and third cd A Sailor’s Guide to Earth. Last time Sturgill was in town was the State fair and was opening for Merle Haggard.

He has an alternative country sound but when it come right down to it he is just some good ol country music.

First part of the set was a throw back to some old time guitar picking and jamming. His style reminds me of stuff from the seventies, Willie Nelson, Haggard, Jennings.

Have that sounds and the right song writing you got something special, that is what Sturgill is doing.

The crowd was a huge mix of people. Country fans, alt country fans, girls that just love him, hipsters, rockers, all sorts of people were there tonight.

At the end of the set he played Sailor in it’s entirety. I cool move to promote the album. Usually you have to wait until it become a classic to do that.

Maybe he knows something we don’t know.

Second leg of the North American Tour starts in August. Check out for the dates.

Full set list – Sitting Here Without You – Water in a Well – Long White Line – When the Levee Breaks – I’d Have to Be Crazy – Railroad of Sin – Time After All – Some Days – Living the Dream –

Life of Sin – Voices – Just Let Go – A Little Light – The Promise – Turtles All the Way Down – You Don’t Miss Your Water – It Ain’t All Flowers

A Sailor’s Guide To Earth in full – ¬†Welcome to Earth (Pollywog) – Breakers Roar – Keep it Between the Lines – Sea Stories – In Bloom – Brace for Impact (Live a Little) – All Around You – Oh Sarah – Call to Arms