We Came As Romans – Cabooze – Minneapolis MN – March 4th 2018

Cold Like War Tour – Cabooze – Minneapolis, Minnesota – March 4, 2018

The Cold Like War tour made its way to Minneapolis last Sunday for a show featuring acts from across the globe. The concert started off with local bands Near An Open Flame and Prevailing Providence. Unfortunately, I missed most of Near An Open Flame due to some credential issues. Luckily that got sorted out by the time Prevailing Providence was setting up. Near An Open Flame had some technical difficulties early on, but made up for it with a great performance.

Prevailing Providence is a six-man metalcore band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their vocalists opened the show with tons of energy that got the crowd involved early. They played songs from their EP, Guilded.

I didn’t know much about Tempting Fate before the concert, but they definitely made it clear why they’re touring with such great bands. They played some songs from their new album Catharsis as well as their new single “I’d Rather Burn.” They weren’t my favorite band of the night, but they knew how to get the crowd moving and had some catchy songs.

Currents was one of the bands I was really looking forward to seeing that night. I started listening to them after I saw the line up and was instantly hooked. They were promoting their new album The Place I Feel Safest. Their whole set was packed full of energy and the crowd fed off it. See this band when they’re in town.

Oceans Ate Alaska used the momentum that Currents built to keep the whole place moving. The UK Band played songs from their new album Hikari and wasn’t afraid to call out the crowd if they got lazy. The mosh pits were busy and there were kids crowd surfing left and right. Incredible set. Even though they weren’t my favorite going into the night, they will definitely be on my radar next time they come to town.

The first songs I’ve heard from The Plot In You was from their 2011 album First Born. They’ve changed a ton since then, but not for the worse. They opened with some newer songs from their latest album Dispose. “Disposable Fix” and “Feel Nothing” were some crowd favorites. It seemed like the entire venue was singing along. I’ve had them stuck in my head since hearing them live. Great show. Great band. 5/5 would see again.

I started to wonder if the crowd would run out of gas by the time We Came As Romans played. That thought vanished the second they stepped on stage. WCAR played songs from their new album Cold Like War. Even though the album is less than 6 months old, the whole venue was rocking. It was tough finding a place to take photos without someone bumping into you (but that’s a good thing). They did play some of their older songs including “To Plant A Seed.” It was Andy’s (their bassist) birthday, so they came out with shots and the whole venue sung happy birthday. They ended with an encore performance of their song “Hope.” Terrific show overall. Great tour with super talented bands.

Review and photos by John Pesavent