Voyeurist Tour

Underoath – The Fillmore – Minneapolis MN – March 7th 2022

93x and Live Nation present Undearoth with special guests Bad Omens and Stray from the Path

Review and photos by Kaila Turck

Underoath brought their Voyeurist tour to The Fillmore in Minneapolis, MN on March 7th, 2022. 

I grew up on all different genres of music, rock mostly, and I love every different kind. However, a very particular genre, ‘emo’, has played an especially important role in my music taste and growing up. I grew up listening to every ‘emo’ band out there at the time, putting viruses on my computer because I used LimeWire in order to listen to all these different bands, and using myspace to find new bands or artists that align with my musical taste at the time. Obviously, Underoath, was one of those bands. To this day I still listen to them, new and old music, which still gives you the feeling of being a teenager again and re-living the moment you first heard one of their songs. Underoath played a huge part in my musical passion while growing up, and I can say that I connected with them. So, seeing them still playing and kicking ass in 2022 was so amazing, especially since I remember reading the news about their breakup and feeling sad that I wouldn’t experience them live ever again. 

Unfortunately, Spiritbox could not be there as someone on their crew tested positive for covid. Which was a bummer because I have been waiting to see them live, but there is always another time, as they are on the rock watch charts.

Stray From the Path started off the show for the night. SFTP formed in 2001, so they have also been around a while like Underoath. Their musical influence has been linked to Rage Against the Machine, some say their sound is like RATM mixed with hardcore metal. Such a great act to have as an opener for someone like Underoath. 

Bad Omens were up next, in which I have seen them just recently at Rock Fest in Cadott, WI in 2021. I have heard a lot of their music on my rock playlists and new rock playlists on Spotify, so I was really looking forward to seeing them live again. Two singles from their 2019 album, Finding God Before God Finds Me, have been on the Billboard Mainstream rock charts; “Limits” and “Never Know”. Lead singer, Noah Sebastian’s vocal range has been compared to that of Bring Me the Horizon’s Oli Sykes, in which can be flattering but frustrating for the band as they want their own unique sound. I would agree that they do sound like some of BMTH’s songs, however I think they are in a totally different spectrum musically. Bad Omen’s just came out with the release of their third album, The Death of Peace of Mind, which came out February 25th, 2022, so go check it out, you will not be disappointed. Their stage presence feels like they have been doing shows forever as a band and not just the past 6ish years. When they come through your town you need to see them.

As I said Underoath has been a part of my growing up life and life since then. I grew up with their music as a teenager, so I connect with them a lot. As well as newer albums that they have released I also connect with in different ways. I remember reading the tweet that they would be disbanding in 2013, which left me feeling gutted, as I wish I would have gone and seen them more in concert. At that time, I think I had seen them 3-4 times live and at Warped Tours. When I first heard that they were getting back together I was ecstatic, then I heard “On my teeth” and “Rapture”, from their 2018 album, Erase Me, and was hooked all over again, brining me back to the, They’re Only Chasing Safety, time. The single “On My Teeth”, received a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance. Underoath has been in a league all their own, which I think is what draws people in. First off, their drummer, Aaron, also sings on the songs, which hasn’t been super popular where a drummer also sings, but his vocals ‘metal-down-ish’ the hardcoreness of Spencer’s vocals when he screams, it’s a mixture that has proved great for them. Seeing them live again gave me the feeling of being a teenager all over again and seeing them for the first time. In which the group asked how many of the people in the crowd were seeing them for the first time and it looked to be a big number. You will never be disappointed in seeing Underoath live, heck any of the bands on this tour, they really put their heart into what they are doing, and you can feel it through their performances. Especially when Spencer asked the front if they were doing okay when he said he saw something going on and wanted to make sure everyone was safe, that’s a band that cares about their fans.