Killswitch Engage – The Fillmore – Minneapolis MN – March 6th 2022

93x and Live Nation present Killswitch Engage with special guests August Burns Red and Light the Torch.

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

Tonight’s massive metal show started with Light the Torch. They used to be Devil You Know but changed their name in 2017 to Light the Torch. They have 2 albums under each name. Their latest, You Will Be the Death of Me came out last year. The cool thing is Howard Jones the lead singer was the lead singer of Killswitch from 2002-12. I love that they are on tour together. I would describe this band as a metal core group. To me it’s all metal but there are so many sub genres it can get confusing. The crowd was in a huge mosh pit the whole time. By this site I could see things were getting back to normal.

Setlist – More Than Dreaming – Calm Before The Storm – Let Me Fall Apart – The Bitter End – Death of Me – Living With a Ghost – Virus – The Safety of Disbelief – Wilting in the Light – Die Alone

August Burns Red has a unique sound. Nothing like I have ever heard. When they first came out I was blown away by them. The guitar playing is incredible and the rhythm section is spot on. Vocalist Jake Luhrs is amazing. He has am amazing range and I can’t believe he can do this night after night. There was a large portion of the crowd here to see them I thought the mosh pit before them was big, well it kept getting bigger. As I watched them I realized these guys are really intense. Just a wall of metal blasted right at you.

Setlist – The Truth of a Liar – Meddler – Paramount – Provision – Invisible Enemy – Defender – Bloodletter – The Legend of Zelda Theme – Marianas Trench – Composure – White Washed

Headlining tonight is the one and only Killswitch Engage. It has been over 4 years since they have been here. For a band that is here almost every other year it was WAY over due. I last saw them opening for Iron Maiden in the UK in 2018. The crowd reactions those night were not the same as tonight. Cause opening for Maiden has to be hard. Their fans are hardcore. I know. The band was fantastic tonight. Tight, aggressive and loud. The fans went nuts right off the bat. They whipped through 18 songs tonight.  Most came from their latest release Atonement which came out in 2019. The also pretty much played at least one song from each of their albums. The surprise cam at the end when Howard Jones came out and sing three songs with them when he was in the band.

Setlist – Unleashed – Hate by Design – Know Your Enemy – My last Serenade – I Am Broken Too – Reckoning – In Due Time – Rise Inside – This Fire – Daylight Dies – The Crownless King – In the Unblind – Always – My Curse – Strength of the Mind – Rose of Sharyn – The End of Heartache – The Signal Fire

Overall it was an awesome night for metal. I would not recommend this show if you have a massive hangover like I did. Just wait until the show to drink.