TSO – Xcel Energy Center – St. Paul MN – December 28th 2023

Xcel Energy Center presents Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Review by Kyle Hansen

Photos provided by TSO

Once again we get another year with The Trans-Siberian Orchestra but this year they are closing out the tour right here in St. Paul. They do the show every year from mid November to the end of December to celebrate the holiday season. The last two time sI saw them it was the story of Christmas but this year they changed it to The Ghosts of Christmas. The stage was really different this time around also. They had a ton more lasers, like way more!!! The back of the stage had huge screens which played the story they were telling. It also had three lifts in the front that they used a bunch of times, which also went up to two walk ways out into the crowd. In the back they had a second stage with a large triangle of that came up for a few songs. Also back there was a snow globe that came up and had someone singing inside it. The wholes stage was just amazing.

The musicianship in the band is incredible. It has to be to put on this size of show but it has to be noted. The guitar players are the kind you could watch all day. They make it seem so easy. Plus you can tell they are loving it. The singing from everyone is magical. The marator has an amazing voice. Rhythm section blows you away. This show should be a must every year for everyone.