Zakk Sabbath – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – December 28th 2023

First Avenue present Zakk Sabbath

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

So as 2023 closes out I was really looking forward to the last show and it being Zakk Sabbath. We met at The Depot for dinner before hand. The Depot is a restaurant right next to First Ave. Highly recommended for dinner and a beer before a show.

Opening was The Native Howl. We cam in for about half their set but I did see them open for Airbourne in the entry a few years ago. They are an amazing blue grass thrash band from Michigan. Yes they play a mix of blue grass and thrash. It works in a crazy way but it works. They have huge energy and throw in some covers with original music. THE NATIVE HOWL

Now most of  know Zakk Wylde as Ozzy’s guitar player and of Black Label Society fame. But on of my favorite things he does is Zakk Sabbath. Since Ozzy not touring and Sabbath done this is one of the only ways to get real good live Sabbath music. They have been doing this for 10 years and it is amazing how close Zakk sounds to Ozzy when signing in this band. The other great thing is the set list they chose. They go deep tracks and some hits. Now they do no Iron Man or Paranoid which is fine I can pass on those to hear some rare tunes. Also be prepared for Zakk to come in the crowd. He does it twice once in the middle and once at the end. SO be ready to is cool if you get close to see him play. Plus tickets are not that much and to get this quality of show it is a must. See him and the band while you can in small places. ZAKK SABBATH

Setlist – Supernaut – Snowblind – Symptoms of the Universe – Under the Sun – Tomorrow’s Dream – Wicked World – Fairies Wear Boots – Into the Void – Children of the Grave – Lord of the World – Hand of Doom – Behind the Wall of Sleep – Bassically – NIB – War Pigs