Timebomb Pro Wrestling – Violence is Forever – Sanctuary Events Center – Fargo ND – October 13th 2022

Timebomb Wrestling presents Violence is Forever in Fargo ND
By Brian Curski
It was great to see my first Timebomb Pro show last week.  “Violence Is Forever” celebrated the 4th anniversary of the wrestling company, and featured an amazing steel cage match as the main event. Bounty Hunter Bryan Keith dethroned Dominic Garrini, who had held the Timebomb Pro Championship for 566 days to become the new champion.   Their next event is “Holiday Hell” Thursday December 22nd, at the Sanctuary Events Center in Fargo, ND.  Get more information at Timebombpro.com.  I know I’ll be back to see them again.
*Kevin Ku defeats Mike Bailey
*Damon Spriggle & Shane Black (Big Humble) defeat Badger Briggs & Connor Hopkins (Hounds Of Love)
*Jordan defeats Tom Lawlor
*Jah-C defeats Sandra Moone
*Heavy Metal Lore defeats Ricky Noren in a Four Corners Of Pain deathmatch
*Bryan Keith defeats Dominic Garrini for the Timebomb Pro Championship in a steel cage