They Might Be Giants – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – June 15th 2024

They Might Be Giants at First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, June 15, 2024

Review by Amie Hansen photos by Ryan Bresnahan

They Might Be Giants (TMBG) lit up First Avenue in Minneapolis on June 15, 2024, with an unforgettable performance. The renowned venue was filled with their die-hard fans ready for a night of eccentric lyrics, intricate arrangements, and lively energy. TMBG delivered on all fronts and performed a setlist that spanned their vast catalog, highlighting fan favorites and hidden gems. During this tour they are featuring one album heavily each night.  They then are moving between three of their albums throughout the tour while still including one or two beloved songs from their remaining catalogue. This evenings performance featured a large list from the “John Henry” album.

The evening began with “Subliminal,” immediately capturing the crowd’s attention. “Snail Shell” followed, its infectious rhythm and quirky lyrics resonating with the audience. “Meet James Ensor” showcased TMBG’s unique storytelling ability, blending historical references with catchy melodies. The set concluded with “The End of the Tour,” a fitting pause before the next act.

The second set opened with the energetic “Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love,” getting the crowd moving. “Birdhouse in Your Soul” turned the venue into a sing-along, with its iconic chorus echoing through the hall. “Doctor Worm” closed the set, leaving the audience buzzing with excitement.

The first encore featured “Can’t Keep Johnny Down,” which had the crowd singing along enthusiastically. The night ended with “No One Knows My Plan,” wrapping up the performance on a high note.

They Might Be Giants’ show at First Avenue was a captivating experience, blending humor, intellect, and musicianship. Their ability to seamlessly switch between genres and moods while keeping the audience thoroughly entertained showcased their enduring appeal. The night celebrated their diverse discography, proving that TMBG remains a formidable force in the music world.



Snail Shell

First Avenue Stage

Meet James Ensor

Unrelated Thing

Out of Jail

The Mesopotamians


The Darlings of Lumberland

Dirt Bike

A Self Called Nowhere



The End of the Tour


Set 2:

Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love

Man, It’s So Loud in Here

Synopsis for Latecomers

Let Me Tell You About My Operation

Underwater Woman

Birdhouse in Your Soul

When Will You Die

Working Undercover for the Man

Lie Still, Little Bottle



Where Your Eyes Don’t Go


Doctor Worm




Can’t Keep Johnny Down


Encore 2:

No One Knows My Plan


John Henry      10

Join Us             3

Apollo 18         2

BOOK              2

Flood               2

Glean               2

Lincoln            2

Mink Car         2

Others             2

Nanobots        1

Severe Tire Damage    1

The Else