Echo & the Bunnymen – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – May 29th 2024

5/29/2024 ECHO & the BUNNYMEN @ First Avenue Nightclub in Minneapolis

Review and photos by Todd Johnson

One of the many bands I have always wanted to see live but never have is the band Echo & the Bunnymen. They are an alternative band that was a staple of every angst ridden music

youth back in the day and some of their music was used in movies as well. I had planned on seeing Echo & the Bunnymen after I heard about the random announcement of their Minneapolis concert, but it sold out rapidly which dashed my hopes of FINALLY seeing them in person. After spending the afternoon trying to find Echo & the Bunnymen LPS and scouring the internet for tickets I FINALLY was able to get a ticket! I also lucked out because I was able to get stand at “the rail” (which means the railing right before the photographers pit.) It might be cliché but my favorite song of theirs is “Lips Like Sugar” although I like many other songs of theirs as well. The band did not disappoint! Led by singer Ian McCulloch his voice was in fine form and sounded just like the albums from back in the day. It was a great set list! They played pretty much all the greatest hits of Echo & the Bunnymen and did it amazingly well. It was amazing to be able to sing along and Ian’s voice sounded pretty much just like the record. I could be mistaken, but I believe the only original members on tour are Ian McCulloch and guitar wizard Will Sergeant. The lighting for the concert was very challenging and I wish it was a little brighter just to be able to see the band’s faces better.

There was an opening band based out of Detroit called Via Mardot although I think it is a pseudonym for Olivia Mainville who is the founding member of the band. Sheis also known for playing a theremin (like the Beach Boys used to use, but it never sounded as amazing as this.) Other members of the band consist of the amazing guitar virtuoso Libby DeCamp and Brandon James on guitar.