The Prize – Episode 6 – Bill Lindsey of IMPALER

The Prize is a podcast hosted by 1013 contributor Danny Sigelman out of Northeast Minneapolis.
In Episode #6 of the Prize, Danny interviews Bill Lindsey, vocalist from the Twin Cities most esteemed and longest running metal band, IMPALER.

Starting in 1983, Saint Paul’s IMPALER harnessed the energy of the the Twin Cities punk scene, thrash metal, horror movies and wrestling into unforgettable live shows. The band’s classic and notorious debut EP, Rise of the Mutants, released in 1985, featured the iconic cover that caught the attention of Tipper Gore and famously made Lindsey, pictured frothing at the mouth with blood and body parts, the poster child for all that was evil about heavy metal music.

Still going strong, IMPALER has released their most recent record, The Great Hereafter in 2020. Danny and Bill caught up about the new record, some of the band’s history and some of the great memories of growing up and going to see music that inspired what he does today. Plus Danny shows off some of his VINYL FINDS from a recent trip to Omaha.