Saint Paul’s Turf Club collabs with Vans for new Summer Schwag

Looking for some new Spring kicks to break out for this Summer’s concert season?

How about support the venues across the United States that have really taken it in the nuts from having to close
for the past year to protect us all. Nothing sucks more than the absence of live music in our lives due to the COVID epidemic. All the more reason to buy up these amazing new Vans with the legendary Turf Club logo!

Find out more about Save Our Stages and the National Independent Venue Association and about everything you can do to help bring live music back to the stages so we can get back to rocking the fuck out.

The Turf Club is a historic landmark in the Midway neighborhood of St. Paul, MN. Originally opened as a supper club and dancehall in the 1940s, the room has seen it all, from two-steppin’ to grunge, and everything in between.

The Turf Club features live music nearly every night of the week, and its charm lies in the fact that it is both a neighborhood hang and a destination for some of the best touring artists in the country. Located between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul, this 350-cap venue boasts a stage and bar upstairs and a cozy basement bar and stage in the Clown Lounge.

The venue is owned and operated by First Avenue, and its commitment to independent and local music remains truer now than ever.