The Knocks x Cannons – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – October 23rd 2022

10/23/2022 Cannons X KNOX @ First Avenue

Review and photos by Todd Johnson

Believe it or not I had never heard of the band KNOX before today and I had only heard of the band Cannons a few months ago on ads that were on my Facebook page. I had thought about going to the concert cause I heard that Cannons was very good but decided against it.  However, since I didn’t have anything else to do so  I thought ‘why not?’ and went. That was probably the best decision I made that week! Both bands were great! There were three bands total. The first singer was Juliana Madrid who was a great singer too, but I missed most of that part of the show because I got there late. She is definitely and up and coming singer to watch for if she comes to your town.

The second band of the line-up was Cannons and they were amazing! The lead singer is Michelle Joy and she has a buttery smooth voice and is pretty easy on the eyes too. Although the vocals are so smooth at first i thought she might be lip syncing, but I was wrong. The music is a very chill kind of music with a 70’s disco vibe to it as well. The rest of the band consists of guitarist Ryan Clapham and Paul Davis on drums and keyboards. The tickets were really inexpensive and they should’ve probably charged more for it since you got 3 great concerts all in one night.

The last band was KNOX which I had never heard of before, but I did recognize some of the music they played. It seemed to me though that KNOX should have been on before Cannons cause KNOX set up a groove that seemed like it was setting up for something that the other bands finished. I thought maybe each city might have a different order for the line-up but after doing a little research it seems it was the same for each city.

If this show comes to your city, don’t hesitate and go see this concert! It was surprisingly great and I highly recommend it!