The Kills – First Avenue – Minneapolis MN – February 12th 2024

The Current and Surly Brewing present The Kills

Review and photos by Allen Bawek

After a 6 year hiatus The Kills are back! The anticipation in the crowd was palpable and as they came on the crowd was definitely excited. They started out with a little jam just so that the crowd could soak in their return. Jamie Hince really showed off some goofy dance moves which really set a fun tone for the show. As it went on I watched as Alison Mosshart head banged with the best of them while singing her heart out. The best part of the show was just watching the energy of Alison as she smiled at the crowd and looked like she was having a genuinely good time. It felt like what I would imagine seeing Slayer or Iron Maiden back in the 80s. I’ve always thought that it can easily make or break a show. Seeing an artist just be fully open to the crowd is huge. As you may know The Kills are just the two people but I honestly love having a full band playing to watch the talent of all the musicians whether or not they created the music in the first place. That is sadly something they didn’t have! All in all though, it was a pretty awesome show. It’s hard to be disappointed with a show when you have the passion that we got from Alison. I would definitely go see them again if I have the chance.