Dirty Honey – The Electric Ballroom – Camden UK – February 12th 2024

Live Nation presents Dirty Honey Can’t Find the Brakes tour with special guests Baby Said

Review and photos by Kyle Hansen

So it all started when we decided to go to London for vacation, or holiday as they say in the UK. When ever we plan a trip I always look to see who is playing by where we are staying. Well to my surprise Dirty Honey was a mile from where we were staying in Camden. We spent the day at the market, which is amazing if you are ever there. Several record stores and even a record show going on the Saturday before. I picked up Tank This Means War from Camden Pock Vinyl. The place was small, cash only and no discounts. Totally old school. We did cruise by the venue during the day to check it out but it was closed. The night of the show I showed up early to check out the place and see what it was all about. Way cool place. For you in Minneapolis it is like a combo of First Ave and The Fillmore. Lots of cool collectibles, concert posters, signed items and memorabilia on the walls. I did ask to get a shirt from the venue but all they had were Small and Medium. Hoodies they had all sizes but I already have enough hoodies. So will have to contact the venue to get one later.

So opening tonight was Baby Said. They are from Portsmouth UK and started playing years ago. They worked their cops and started writing on their own and now have their debut album recorded and coming out this year. You Killed It is their first single out now. They have a cool heavy groove to them. I could hear some Thin Lizzy and NWOBHM influences in their music. Check them out and watch for the new album this year.

So in between bands talked with the other photographers and found them all lovely. We shared shows that we had shot and goals for the next year. It was fun talking with all of them.

I discovered Dirty Honey at a festal a few years back and as soon as I heard the first song I knew I would dig these guys.So as we got ready for the show I looked back and it was packed all the way to the back. As I was upfront I saw the stage was not that high but had big monitors. The low stage always creates great photos so was excited to get shooting. The band are rock stars. They sound like it and they look like it. They formed in 2017 and had their first EP came out in 2019 while the next two albums Self Titled and Can’t Find the Brakes came out in 2021 and 2023. All three are amazing. If you dig GNR, Black Crowes and that style of rock you will totally dig these guys. Marc LaBelle is on lead vocals and knows how to work the stage. He is always working the whole crowd while singing his ass off. One of his signatures is his hat. You can also buy a stage worn one at the merch booth so make sure to check it out if that is what you fancy. John Notto on guitar is a cross between Jimmy Page and Izzy Stradlin. He has all the moves and all the grooves. Really did I just say that? But it is true. Justin on bass has this massive head of hair like Slash, but more. I swear if you look up cool in the dictionary it is him. Jaydon is on drums and has only been there for a year. But the rhythm section still keeps everything together. The set list concentrated heavy on the latest release Can’t Find the Brakes and 4 off each of their self titled releases. They also did Honky Tonk Woman and Let’s Go Crazy for covers. This band is relativly new and I can’t wait until the next time I see them.