The Blue Man Group – State Theater – Minneapolis MN – February 5th 2020

Hennepin Theater Trust Group presents The Blue Man Group
Review by Tracy Hansen
If you have never seen The Blue Man Group before and you’re about too, bear the following in mind:
– You may get wet.  Plan accordingly.
– You may get pulled onstage.  Deal with it.
– You’ll see something that you had no idea was coming.
– Facial expressions are everything.  Watch them.

There’s so much more.  When I saw them this week at the State Theater, it was the first time.  I had no idea what I was in for.  I first heard of them back in the 90’s when I was in high school and it all seemed like such a strange concept.  All I saw was three guys covered in blue paint doing who knows what on stage being promoted all over the place. This show absolutely reminded me of the ’90s and early 2000’s.  It felt like I was in high school all over again, as the music was very reminiscent of that of the raves of the ’90s.  The feel of the whole show just reminded me of that era, something that made me question how well it would do in 2020.

Apparently it did very well.  The audience ranged from children to people in their sixties, if not older.  Being someone who had never seen the show before, I was really curious about that aspect, as I was unable to get a read on what the show would truly be like.  When it comes to kids being there, if someone asked me how old I think one should be to see it, it’s hard to say.  This type of show is something a child would either love, or be terribly bored by.  So it’s more based on the child in that respect, which I think is important to note.
I loved this show.  It was fun, the music was wonderful, and it had a very zen feel to it at moments.  In case someone is questioning what I mean by that, I’ll easily reference the final drum solo with the red, orange, and purple light.  That was beautiful. The show kept the audience entertained throughout the entire show, not hanging on one bit for too long and changing things up throughout.
One thing that kept popping into my mind during the show was, “What would this be like in Vegas?”  The stage here was very intricate, but I can only imagine how extreme it would be in Vegas.  The one in Berlin has been running for fifteen years, so that would be very interesting to see as well.  I’d love to see another performance of this show.